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New Pi 4 Cases!

It is with great excitement that alongside the Raspberry Pi 4’s release today, we are announcing two brand new Raspberry Pi cases to accommodate all the changes of this amazing new hardware.

We’ve been hard at work and have started high volume manufacturing of a brand new case. We kept all the details that made the original case one of the top selling raspberry pi cases, and along side our own case, we’re releasing a newly designed and limited edition Kodi case, for the same exact price.

We expect to ship both in roughly 3-4 weeks. Pre-order now for special pricing and save 30%.

Grab em’ here: Kodi Raspberry Pi 4 Case and Raspberry Pi4 Case

4 Responses to “New Pi 4 Cases!”

  1. Paul Y Says:

    When will this be available locally in the UK?


  2. jim Says:

    excited to get the version 4 case, are they still on schedule to ship soon?

  3. Lance Says:

    That looks like it will overheat the Pi4, as it runs hot and needs cooling.

  4. Jason Kotzin Says:

    The case acts as a big heatsink. The entire housing is aluminum, and acts as passive cooling.

    Been doing a lot of testing, I also have preliminary hardware still, and I can run burn-in tests without it throttling at ambient 25C.

    However, I do believe the pi foundation has work to do on the firmware. Something is definitely up with the pi, there is no reason it should throttle bare, while idle. So while I iterate efficiency overtime with the case, I believe the biggest improvements will be seen through the foundation’s software and firmware optimizations in the next coming months.

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