The Raspberry Pi 5 Case by Flirc – Coming Soon! The Raspberry Pi 5 Case by Flirc – Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that Flirc’s legendary collection of silent, passively cooled Pi cases will be expanded once again to support the Raspberry Pi 5. In fact, pre-orders for the Flirc Raspberry Pi 5 case are already available at

If you haven’t heard the news already, the Pi Foundation is releasing a newer, far more powerful Raspberry Pi 5. You can find a full specs rundown of the Pi 5 with a focus on media center issues over on LibreELEC’s site. And if you’d like a video review of the Pi 5’s abilities, thermal issues, and more, check out the video by Jeff Geerling, a friend of the site.

Preliminary tests of the new Pi 5 board show that the new Flirc case looks great, ensuring your Raspberry Pi 5 runs at peak efficiency at all times without the annoying whir of a fan.

With that said, what you will not find available for pre-order yet is a Kodi edition of the Flirc Raspberry Pi 5 case. That’s because we need your help. Samfisher, from the Kodi Foundation, has put together a series of awesome new designs for the case, and we need help picking the best one.

You can vote for your favorites over at the Kodi forum. Be sure to vote to vote, and let us know your thoughts on the new designs in the comments! Currently, boxes 4, 5, and 6 are the top voted boxes, so we’ve created some 3D renders to give you an idea of how awesome they look!

10 responses to “The Raspberry Pi 5 Case by Flirc – Coming Soon!”

  1. Sean Donnahoe says:

    I love them all but my choice is number 3

  2. bagwani says:

    Is it correct that the flirc case for the pi5 only cools the SOC(contains CPU) and not the wireless management chip and power management chip like the genuine active cooler of the raspberry pi5?

  3. Xeon says:

    From the renders posted on the site so far, the Pi5 flirc case still only has the CPU part covered by the heatsink and still uses the old mould (to save costs). I strongly don’t recommend this, flirc being a well known brand to the public, it’s not good to compromise on the functionality of the product. If the author reads this comment, I hope you will add heatsink to both RP1 as well as the ROM chip.

  4. Origins says:

    When will the new Raspberry Pi 5 Kodi cases be available to order from Flirc?

  5. Vince says:

    Can you do a quick test please? Baseline what the idle temperature of raspios lite on a pi5 is while in your case. Just run ‘vcgencmd measure_temp’ every few minutes with a pi5 just sitting on a desk in your office.

    Your pi3 and pi4 cases are fabulous, but the pi5 sure runs hotter from what I’ve seen. Some reference data from you would help us decide.

    I’d be happy to run the test for you 🙂

  6. Kevin says:

    Will there be a case option for users who already have the additional heat sink/fan on the Pas Pi5 board? Number 3 would be my choice if the answer to my question is yes.

  7. Mike says:

    Whats about the Kodi edition case?
    Have I missed the launch?

    • Unfortunately we have not launched the Kodi edition yet. If you were lucky enough to go to FOSDEM in Europe, you got to see one at the Kodi booth, but after reviewing it with the Kodi folks, we needed to go back and redo printing. Colors and other issues were off. Hopefully that should get resolved sooner than later.

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