New Pi 4 Cases!

It is with great excitement that alongside the Raspberry Pi 4’s release today, we are announcing two brand new Raspberry Pi cases to accommodate all the changes of this amazing new hardware.

We’ve been hard at work and have started high volume manufacturing of a brand new case. We kept all the details that made the original case one of the top selling raspberry pi cases, and along side our own case, we’re releasing a newly designed and limited edition Kodi case, for the same exact price.

We expect to ship both in roughly 3-4 weeks. Pre-order now for special pricing and save 30%.

Grab em’ here: Kodi Raspberry Pi 4 Case and Raspberry Pi4 Case

33 responses to “New Pi 4 Cases!”

  1. Paul Y says:

    When will this be available locally in the UK?


  2. jim says:

    excited to get the version 4 case, are they still on schedule to ship soon?

  3. Sd says:

    When is the shipping date?

    • Jason Kotzin says:

      I started shipping monday, we’ve gotten about 400 orders out. Just a note, I don’t have the kodi cases in yet. They should come soon. Anyone who ordered both, I can’t split the order.

  4. Johnny says:

    Hi Flirc Team,

    what temperatures can i expect with this case? (Pi 4 with new Firmware)
    Did you test this in idle and full stress test?

    Big thanks for your reply!


    • Jason Kotzin says:

      Depends on ambient and yes lots of testing. Its in low-mid 50s idle. I can run a cpuburn test for 1.5 hours before it gets to 80C at 27C ambient. The stress is no where near realistic in terms of actual load. It’s a thermal stress test. The same test gets to 80C in about five minutes without the case. Ambient and environment make a big difference. At home, couldn’t get it to over heat.

  5. Dan says:

    Is there any update on the expected shipping date?

    • Jason Kotzin says:

      Regular cases start shipping tomorrow. I’ll post a blog update tomorrow as well

      ** Edit ** – What a day. I’ll write that blog post tomorrow. They came in, first 100 orders flew out. We’ll get 5x more out tomorrow.

      Jason Kotzin

  6. Temp says:

    How long do the pre-order prices last? I’m trying to scrounge up some money over here. Thanks.

    • Jason Kotzin says:

      Until I’m caught up and cases are stocked and ready to be shipped same/next day.

      In about 2 weeks I should be caught up. I should have most pre-orders for regular cases done this week. First 100 are out the door.

  7. Alec Armstrong says:

    Hi – I would appreciate an answer to my fan question or do you have the view that a fan will not be needed?
    Alec Armstrong

  8. Temp says:

    Thanks for the info and your hard work. 👍

  9. Dan says:

    Hi Jason, thanks for the update. Look forward to receiving my case.

  10. Yu says:

    After reading several reviews, I’m still rather concerned about heat throttling, even with the case acting as a passive heatsink. Any chance for a 3d-printable alternate vented lid, perhaps with a fan mount?

  11. JD says:

    Looks like my two cases are out for delivery! Will go nicely with the two 3B+ Flirc cases I already use. I will try to post a stress test (though I trust these based on my experience with the others.)

  12. Alec Armstrong says:

    Hi – I received my new Pi 4 case and the “over temperature warning (80-85C)” icon has yet to appear! So your new case looks like it is performing excellently.

    For your information, when I first got the latest Pi I also bought the official Pi case. However, when I switched on my new Pi for the first time the first thing I noticed was a temperature warning icon flashing on and off when it was booting! My room was also getting noticeably hot when the Pi was switched on. So, the new Flirc case appears to be very successful.


  13. Vincent Frederico says:

    Any ETA on the rest of the case shipments? Eager to get mine assembled.


  14. Lucas Walther says:

    Have I missed the boat on the Kodi edition case (it’s listed as out of stock, whereas the other case is still available for pre-order), or will it be available again? Thanks!

  15. Ian Collett says:

    Can you get the cable for the PI camera out of the case? If some how, and do you have a recommend way to mount the camera? – IAN

  16. Adam says:

    Are the cases painted or powdercoated?

  17. Andrey says:

    The case works great for heat dissipation.
    However, once I’ve put rpi4 into it, it couldn’t reach any wifi network when powered with official RPi Foundation power supply.
    So far I found two mitigations:
    * Plug in Ethernet cable. Yes, Ethernet cable fixes *wifi* reception.
    * Power from USB power bank rather than from the mains.

    I suspect there’s some electric issue.

    I’ve been successfully using the second workaround, for months, now it stopped working.

    Any suggestions?

    Has anybody got the same issue?

  18. Andras Porjesz says:

    I have two questions:
    1. if this case will influence/impair wifi and bluetooth (power and range)
    2. is there a similar solution with an additional hifiberry board?


  19. Wouter says:

    …and next a black version with the (black) Kodi case with the normal (black) lids? pretty please?

  20. Matt H says:

    Love the case design – very minimal and stylish. Am wondering if you can tell me what kind of plastic the lid is made from? Am thinking about how I could put m own custom decal or graphics on the lid, but not sure what options would work!

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