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Uninstalling Dymo Label Web Service

I just re-installed the dymo software recently. Maybe I didn’t notice the install package question, but after rebooting, I got a funny icon on my menubar called Demo Label Web Service. I searched around and couldn’t find out how to remove this since it didn’t show up under the startup services in user accounts.

So after searching a bit, I found the culprit and thought others would find this useful. Open a terminal and type the following:

sudo rm /Library/LaunchAgents/com.dymo.dls.webservice.plist

The app is still on your computer, however, it won’t automatically run after every reboot. Completely fucking obnoxious that they don’t allow you to disable that anywhere.

14 Responses to “Uninstalling Dymo Label Web Service”

  1. Allan Says:

    OMG, thanks for this. However, it is asking for a Password, and i don’t seem to be able to actually type data into the Terminal screen to try things like “password” or “admin”. Know how to do this?

  2. admin Says:

    type sudo before the command

  3. John Dow Says:

    Thanks! Couldn’t find this anywhere!

  4. Jeffrey Lewis Says:

    I believe I found a kill for it, what I did was open the activity monitor, selected the DYMO Web Services Printing App, clicked on the “see information…” button ( i) at the top, found the location (on my mac it was ~/library/frameworks/DYMO)
    Opened a finder window and clicked on Macintosh HD and then clicked SHFT-CMD-. (dot) to view the hidden files then navigated to the location listed above
    I then dragged the DYMO folder to the trash and deleted it.
    Upon restart, the DYMO icon was gone and I don’t have that process working anymore.
    Hope this helps anyone else attempting to kill this program.

  5. Xavi Says:

    Thanks a lot for the help!
    /Library/frameworks/DYMO is another location where you might have remnants of this app. Deleting it as usual didn’t clear this folder.

  6. wells Says:

    Seriously, thank you. Much appreciated.

  7. Melina Says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  8. Philip Says:

    Oh my GOD thank you.

  9. Dominique Says:

    Thanks for this! I followed what Jeffrey Lewis said, restarted the mac and it worked! No more icon in the menubar.

  10. fil Says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been searching for this for over a year!

  11. Alan Shaw Says:

    Good call, did the trick. Thank you

  12. H Says:

    Great, thanks for the solution. Terrible that there is no uninstaller

  13. Jason Kotzin Says:


  14. Michael Says:

    Thanks man

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