Software and SDK Updates

Software v2.6.0 Released

Version 2.6.0 of the GUI has been release. In this version there are two updates, new firmware version, and the ability to enable / disable built in profiles. Under advanced, you can now enable and disable each profile independently. This feature was done and promised for nearly a month, and we decided the feature, problem, and solution were novel, so we filed a patent. In order to try and protect anything globally, we couldn’t release the software until after the patent filing.

Firmware v4.2.1 Released

Also included in this version is a new firmware which will allow sending of RAW IR signals as outlined in the previous blog post.

SDK Updated

Kinda botched the original release with a ton of garbage commits as I got all my build software working. So I scratched it and started over. Also included in this version are static and dynamic libraries for Windows.

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