Updates Updates and Updates

Big Developments

Was a great couple of weeks. I’ve been working hard on some major efforts and they are all starting to come to fruition.  I’ll share some of the more exciting news.

New Flirc Raspberry Pi Case

I know we don’t have a landing page for the new case design yet, but all new orders of the case will be of the new design. Some big improvements:

  • New manufacturing process, it’s gorgeous, perfect surface
  • SD Card now accessible on the PI3
  • Heat Slug now properly covering 100% of the Pi3 CPU
  • Overall Better

Unfortunately hit a snag with the talented artist who helps with design material for my website. So I’ve fallen behind making a new landing page. It’s coming.


Harmony Support

Logitech is an important partner, a lot of users have logitech remotes. So we’re adding some new profiles to the Logitech line specifically for flirc. Windows Media Center, and Shield. What this means, is if you have Windows Media Center, and a Shield, add these devices to your harmony, and it’ll work out of the box without any additional software or pairing. What’s the difference between Microsoft WMCE and Flirc WMCE? Flirc WMCE uses the flirc profile, and is going to work much better than the Microsoft protocol which is chaotic, and different for every MS WMCE remote.

On top of those profiles, we also added the ‘.’ (period). Something that was requested.

The harmony profiles will go live on Monday.

Firmware Updates

Holy shit where to begin. Some major happenings. I’ll start with Flirc Gen1.


I have made an update to the Flirc Generation 1 hardware that allows software to tell the difference between Streacom Edition Flircs and regular Flircs. This was so overdue, it’s sad. Now, the GUI can tell the difference between the hardware, and users can now finally program the power button with the GUI.


  • new hashing algorithm with 10x perf
  • new logging output architecture
  • ability to log raw timing ir waveforms
  • minor algorithm improvments and bug fixes
  • ability to disable/enable built in rom tables
  • fixed issue which didn’t detect re-pressing
  • adding new Shield and WMCE Flirc profiles
  • updates to built in kodi profile
  • many bug fixes and architecture improvements

GUI Updates

Improvements to the GUI were also published which include:

  • advanced window for gen2 updates and improvments
  • new streacom controller for recording power off
  • New device log window to show the raw timing of IR signals.

One of the biggest updates was to the GUI which allows us to read the device log and enable the ability to print out raw timing wave forms of the IR signals. This is going to be great. Rather than buying a bunch of remotes, users will be able to capture the waveform, save to a text file and send to me. And in the near future, I’ll be able to load these files onto a flirc, and ‘playback’ exactly what your flirc saw. All made possible to the amazing software architecture in the new flirc as well as the new more powerful arm processor.

App Pad

App Pad is an application that will hopefully be released in a couple of weeks. Wont say much until the big reveal, but it’s going to be one of the greatest companions HTPC owners could ask for. And it’ll be completely free. Stay tuned.

Remote IR Protocol

I will be publicly releasing the Flirc IR spec shortly. I’m working on converting this into an open doc.

IR Transmit Support

Working on this now, it’ll be in the next major release


Long overdue and in progress

Flirc Kodi Case

Because we released a new version of our raspberry pi case, and boy is it awesome, we’re discounting the kodi cases since they are based on the original design. Get em while you can.

3 responses to “Updates Updates and Updates”

  1. Matthew says:

    I’m really looking forward to the IR transmit capability. Will it allow me to transmit arbitrary timing sequences?

    I am using a Flirc v2 in a remote, unattended location, so I will not be able to have it learn new codes. Of course, I could buy a second Flirc, train it at my location, and then dump the settings and load them into the remote Flirc. But at present, I just have the one Flirc in the remote location. And I know the timing sequences I want it to transmit.

    • Jason Kotzin says:

      Yes, I’ll post an update on the forums for people to play with. Transmit power really isn’t the best, it’s like 6-8 feet and line of site. The transmitter is only 2mm big.

  2. Jochen says:

    I forgot to mention that I aks about the Raspberry 3b. I love the case but can’t use it with the build in WLAN.

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