New Shipping Service Coming

It’s not a secret how much I’ve been unhappy with USPS. Quite frankly, USPS has it’s benefits, it’s cheap, but it’s not reliable. International shipments are where things really fall apart. There are notices all over the website and customer emails, international shipments take anywhere from 3-8 weeks. Why? Because of customs. USPS first class has the lowest priority through customs, and it’s held up for weeks, sometimes 2 months. It’s not fair to customers, but I’ve been stuck between a rock and a hard place, until last week.

I’m partnering with DHL-Express E-Commerce where domestic reliability will triple. On top of that, International shipments will also dramatically improve. I’m told international shipments take anywhere from 4-8 days. We’ll see if we hit those marks when we enter into the program, however, I’m confident as I exclusively use DHL-Express for all distributor international shipments where speed and reliability is unmatched.

Rates should also decrease as well. Sounds to good to be true, we’ll find out if it is.

4 responses to “New Shipping Service Coming”

  1. Michael Janes says:

    Well, sorry to say, DHL is butt ugly and the worst. I ordered both the Kodi case and the remote dongle. two weeks shipping time from these idiots. Won’t order again through FLIRC knowing you ship via DHLosers.


  2. Dan Gallelli says:

    I live in a rural household in Canada. My address starts with Box 10 but it is not a box number like in th U.S., it is a rural address. USPS and UPS can ship anything to me. No other couriers have figured it out. I use hold for pickup for everything comming out of the U.S. that is not USPS or UPS.

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