Memorial Day Sale Live

Weekend Sale through Monday 12PM PST. Everything is on sale, and all weekend orders will ship Tuesday Morning.


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  1. Frank Roeber says:

    Hi Jason,

    I get acquainted to you over an article of FLIRC in a German computer technology magazine called c’t.

    I also diseased by cancer (brain tumor, oligo-astrozytom, stage 3) 8 years before and they told me, not to last longer than 2.5 years. I got the indication on Hawai’i where I was working as a computer scientist in 2006 for the University of Hawai’i in Honolulu. After 3 years of chemical therapies the only hope for me was a surgery.

    Thanks to my surgeons Dr. Karsten Geletneky and Dr. Andreas Bartsch from the clinical center in Heidelberg here in Germany, I’m still alive and quiet sure to make the next 50 years together with my wife Stefanie (right now we both count 35 years).

    After reading about your intention of building the FLIRC, I tried to order one over the website. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to order it because the store prompts me to use a European distributor 🙂

    Of course I could have ordered it here from Amazon for 25 Euros, but I would be grateful to order it directly from your company to be safe that the money will be directed to you and your lifesaver Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz directly.

    My calculation:
    25 Euros are about $34.00.
    If I pay through Paypal, there would be an expense of $2.30 for you. I’m not quite sure how the Chinese guys send me an USB cable for $2.60 including the shipping, but maybe there is a way to send the stick in an envelope, hoping that the letter (costs about $2.34) is not thicker than a quarter of an inch (I would also be pleased if the stick comes as a “barebone” with a case separately).
    $34 – $2.3 – $2.34 = $29.36 -> that will be more than $6 for research and the ballyhoo 🙂

    Hmm…sounds curious and maybe IT IS curious…

    I wish you, your wife and your child all the best for the future and good luck with your company and your attitude towards life.

    Affectionate regards,

    Frank Roeber
    St.-Rochus-Weg 3
    D-88213 Ravensburg

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