fw v2.4 released

The firmware is packaged into the GUI, please download the latest release and go to advance->force firmware upgrade.

The firmware updated includes the following:

  • fixed possible stuck key or endless repeats.
  • general cleanup

Please feel free to send in feedback regarding this release.

6 responses to “fw v2.4 released”

  1. Guy says:

    Downloaded latest Linux release, tried “Upgrade Firmware” and it prompts for a file. Where is the file?

  2. Guy says:

    Never mind; I found the “force fw upgrade” in Advanced settings. Confusing interface.

  3. Guy2 says:

    Just upgraded to firmware 2.6 and still getting sticky keys with every remote I’ve tried.

  4. Patrizio says:

    I tried Force firmware Upgrade and then Flirc GUI crashed (on Windows 7).
    Now the flirc appears alwayas as disconnect.

    Did I break it ? I got it today !!! 🙁

  5. Patrizio says:

    Ok I’m safe!!

    I found the instruction about zadig !!

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