New Canadian Distributor – Pi Supply

I’m ecstatic to announce a new distributor to help handle online Canadian sales.

Shipping to Canada can often take a long time and flirc will sit at the customs office longer than the time the product is in transit.

So we have the perfect partner, a distributor of raspberry pi and raspberry pi accessories located in Canada. This was a no-brainer and we look forward to working with the Pi Supply and having them carry our upcoming products.

Direct Store Link

Purchase Link

As of now, I will no longer be shipping to Canada directly. New announcements soon. (no, not another baby)

5 responses to “New Canadian Distributor – Pi Supply”

  1. Doug says:

    It’s now at least 42% more expensive to buy a flirc in Canada:
    new supplier cost = $29.95 + $10 shipping + between $2 and $5 taxes = $41.95 to $42.95
    former cost = $22.95 + $6.50 shipping = $29.50

  2. hpooni says:

    Great news for us Canucks. Thanks!

  3. hpooni says:

    That’s a good point Doug.
    I’m actually finding this website in general to be very expensive. For example, I’ve bought raspberry-pi for $35 at but these guys are selling it for $54.95. That’s just way too expensive!

  4. PI Supply says:

    They have also stolen our business name! Not cool.

  5. Adam says:

    When you start to look around, you will find that this is a reasonable price when compared to the cost and time and frustration of having it shipped across the border yourself from another vendor. Especially when you consider past cases where I got dinged customs fees, duties, holdups at the border, etc. on products I couldn’t get here and had to have shipped in from the States.

    Companies have to make a profit to stay viable and provide us with services, so why begrudge them a markup? I happen to think this is a very reasonable cost considering that Pi Supply eliminates all the usual obstacle so that you get your Flirc more quickly and hassle-free.

    The Canadian government is always going to tax products sold in Canada – companies have no control over that. And you can choose $2 over $10 shipping if you want to keep the price lower.

    Ultimately, for me the price was right and their service was fast and effective! Everyone has the right to shop around, but if you want the Flirc promptly and with a minimum of fuss and unpredictable wait and cost, I recommend getting it at

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