Flirc Has a Harmony Profile!

This is one of the most exciting announcements to date. Flirc has a harmony XBMC profile!

This has been in the making for a while. Harmony users can now add a flirc device to their remote where no codes will collide with their television, the protocol is fine tuned for flirc, and setup just got a whole lot easier.

You’ll need to download the latest release of the firmware:

Once added your flirc will work without the need for the pairing software with your favorite media center application, XBMC. All the buttons in this profile have been paired already with all the XBMC keyboard keys (eden), so you don’t need to do any work.

This will make it into the next major release of the firmware, and the goal is to have Plex, WMCE, and EyeTV harmony profiles as well.

Please leave us feedback. I’ve turned off posting to the older firmware images because they have rolled into this one.

Thanks everyone!

harmony screenshot

(excuse the grammar, it’s late)


30 responses to “Flirc Has a Harmony Profile!”

  1. Victor says:

    so it will not work on Plex yet?

    • Jason Kotzin says:

      Yes, as long as the keyboard maps are the same. But we there will be another flirc profile specifically for Plex, EyeTV, Hulu Desktop, etc.

  2. gfondeur says:

    so, what about the ones have to setup the harmony through the page?
    something in mind for them?

  3. Scott says:

    Newbie here and I’m ready to get going with a Harmony 600 and a Flirc with WMC7. All I want to do is have the harmony turn on the stereo, turn on the tv and startup WMC with Windows Key + ALT + ENTER. Then when I’m done, I want the Harmony to Close WMC with ALT + F4, turn off the tv and turn off the stereo. Will choosing the XBMC device from the Harmony setup and this new firmware allow me to do that out of the box, or do I need to configure/edit/use another program to help with the combos?

    Thank You!

  4. trackley says:

    I found the profile in the silverlight app using FLIRC as the manufacturer and XBMC as the model.

  5. Nataq says:

    Nice thanks for it!! Got it entering manufacturer: flirc model: xbmc

    Now I need to update to beta firmware then no need to do anything else ? Will work as per mapping ?

    Sounds good!

    Will try that. With some luck it may fix my repeat key issue with my raspberry pi…

  6. N3MIS15 says:

    “so, what about the ones have to setup the harmony through the page?
    something in mind for them?”

    Manufacturer: flirc
    Model: XBMC

  7. gfondeur says:

    I got it!!!
    Thanks a lot….

  8. IonutIT says:

    Hope it won’t be long until we get the Plex profile!

  9. Kieran says:

    Very excited about this! I thought at first that it was going to be an April Fools’ day joke. (posted 4/1)

    Now if we can just get a profile for Windows7 Media Center! I’ll be all set!


  10. DonaldG says:

    I, too would like to see a Logitech Harmony Remote Software 7 profile for Windows Media Center on Windows 7. Or, is the existing XBMC profile close enough? Thanks! Great product…

  11. fredde says:

    It’s missing record! 😀 PVR users actually use it 😀

  12. Jos says:

    For some reason, this doesn’t work for me. I have v2.2 firmware and a Harmony Touch Ultimate. I have added a device to the Harmony (Manufacturer: flirc, Model: xbmc) and XBMC is running. However, XBMC doesn’t respond to any of the Harmony keypresses whatsoever. What did I do wrong?

  13. Chris says:

    Joe – I’m having the same issue. Please respond if you have any luck getting it to work and I’ll do the same. I’m going to work on it some more tonight.

  14. Travis says:

    Any update on these Harmony profiles yet? Looking for WMC in particular.

  15. Tom says:

    Is there anyway to add a custom keyboard command.

    I prefer to have a single button to send a Delete Key instead of opening the context menu arrowing down to delete pressing ok


    Is there anyway to add a harmony button to send the delete key directly?

    • Jason Kotzin says:

      Yes, in the keyboard controller of the app. I believe the big delete button is mislabeled, should be backspace.

  16. Phil says:

    I have the same problem. Chose Flirc XBMC profile from Harmony. Flirc does not respond to any button. What needs to be done?

  17. Seppo says:

    Is this issue fixed? I still can’t use my Harmony Ultimate with the Flirc Profil…

  18. Sean says:

    I can see Flirc in MyHarmony. When I add Plex Home Theater is can see that there are no buttons on the remote. Only XBMC shows buttons. When will Plex be incorporated so that I can use Flirc?

  19. phoenix0_4 says:

    It works with my Harmony 300 (Manufacturer: Flirc, Modell: XBMC) with OpenELEC on my Raspberry Pi! Great!

    But I can’t use the volume buttons. Any idea what to do?

    BTW: I use firmware 2.6

  20. phoenix0_4 says:

    Ah, I found a way:
    had to change the XBMC keyboard layout back to US (was using the german layout).

  21. Chris says:

    I have a harmony ultimate and a flirc. I setup the flirc with xbmc as the profile in myharmony. I also installed the flirc software on my media center. My xbmc still will not respond at all to the remote. I can control my TV, my surround sound system, and even an older computer, mac, using plex. But nothing with my windows based new computer and xbmc. Any suggestions?

  22. vga41 says:

    I configured Flirc on Openelec with Flirc plugin and in my Harmony Ultimate with Flirc XBMC.

    The buttons are working good but I don’t know if is it posible to configure a button to power on in Harmony profile. I only have the power off option,


  23. Anders says:

    Chris I got the same issue – No connecting between the two.
    I am using Firmware 3.0

  24. ctindel says:

    Does anybody know if flirc works with the Harmony Ultimate Home/Hub yet? I tried Remote Buddy but that’s still a hack that requires a beta build and pairing as a “playstation 3”.

  25. Dan says:

    Bring on a full Plex Home Theatre Remote profile!!!

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