Updates Soon

Wanted to give a quick updated where things are progressing.

I’ve started on firmware development and spent a good amount of time on sleep detection, in fact most of my time. I have something up and running and it seems to be semi decent, but unfortunately if this doesn’t work, a hardware change may be necessary. I’m using a soft USB stack and because of this, the firmware is extremely timing sensitive. In order to do sleep detection, I need CPU cycles, which effect USB performance. Because of the uncertainty in this solution, the feature will be disabled by default, and will need be enabled via the Graphical User Interface or command line.

I’ve improved a number of features inside the firmware. I’ve changed the way it operates so the GUI and command line no longer need a second thread. This was critical as I will be publishing the API soon as well.

Iv’e also enabled error detection to prevent ghost signals. This is also disabled by default. The reason being that the logitech harmony remote only sends one signal at a time. This is going to lead to a lot of confusion should someone be trying to pair their remote and they have to press each button twice. I’ll look into this and see if I can make a workaround.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make a signed driver, that’s been a royal pain and I’m sorry there is no better solution yet. I actually have a bid on rent-a-coder, hopefully I’ll get something soon.

Orders placed are also going to start going out this week as more inventory arrives. If you haven’t received yours yet, keep an eye on your email. You should get an email notification.

The build system has taken great shape. I’ve got the GUI partially in there too, which is huge being that it’s written all in QT and they generally don’t like when you don’t use their makefile.

Here is what’s going to be in the next beta release

* Noise detection/prevention
* Sleep detection updates
* Long press detection (apple remote)
* Sticky Key issues (you will be able to modify settings via the GUI)
* GUI visual feedback for recorded buttons
* Better Windows 8 Support
* (MAYBE) Media Key Support on Windows 8 and OSX

There is a lot there, so this will definitely be beta and only available to forum members.No ETA, hopefully in a couple weeks. I’ve made great headway.

Happy New Years everyone.


9 responses to “Updates Soon”

  1. Saud says:

    Thanks man! keep up the great work!

  2. Kevin says:

    Awesome. Looking forward to testing it out.

  3. plasstech says:

    Busy Busy Busy! Looking forward to trying out the new firmware! need to get ym pc’s sleeping. they tired!

  4. Rob says:

    I hope mine gets shipped out this week, can’t wait to get my hands on one.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Vincent says:

    Just got mine in the mail today. Configuration ultra fast and plugged to my Raspberry Pi… Apple remote works great with XBMC (xbian).

    Can’t wait to try next version and the “long press” feature…

    Thanks for the hard work !

  6. Mischel says:

    Good news!

    I’m currently installing a new HTPC based on Win 8 with MCE and DVBLink, it will run 24/8 so resume from sleep isn’t critical but support for the media keys would be nice! Looking forward testing the beta 🙂

  7. Farfromrefuge says:

    My apple remote is titillating right now…

    Thank you so much

  8. Craig says:

    Is the sleep detection working reliably/stable at this point?

    You mentioned, “I have something up and running and it seems to be semi decent, but unfortunately if this doesn’t work, a hardware change may be necessary.”

    Are you still considering a hardware change? Thanks.

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