A Special Honor

This past week has been incredible. Flirc was featured on the front page of xbmc.org with an article written by a truly exceptional and good hearted person, Chris aka (Pseudo7). What an exceptional honor it was to be featured on the front page of the very product flirc was created for, and by a person who has been extremely supportive, helpful, and ambitious in helping with my mission statement. I’m forever grateful, and glad to have made a great friend in such a unique way.

The popularity of the article has helped spread the work. It was the first time anything has ever been written about Flirc.  It’s been a huge kicker as I realized we were very unprepared for the increase in demand. We’re still trying to catch up but this has really kicked me into gear to figure out how to handle shipping. I’ll most likely also be decreasing the shipping costs as well with other alternatives. Which will be great for international shipments.

Another surprise which will be included in all new orders is the new packaging. This has been in the works for a while, and it was worth the wait.

What does this actually do to the product? Nothing. This is the same hardware and firmware, but merely symbolizes the culmination and completion of a product that I have been working so hard on for 3 years.

12 responses to “A Special Honor”

  1. Hallaz Yashi says:

    Looking good. Just ordered one and looking forward to its arrival. I read the xbmc forums and not being too technically minded or time to invest in making things work I don’t take up many of the side options available. Chris’ write up certainly brought it to my attention. Along with the simple ease i could get around your website (first blog i’ve ever read too!) and seeing what its all about encouraged me to take the plunge. Here’s hoping it lives up to expectations and i’ll spread the word to other media users in Ireland. Good Luck for the future!

  2. digitalb0y says:

    Congrats, Jason! You should be proud! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this unique and ingenius little toy, and I truly hope your efforts are able to make a big impact on the cancern research front. Cheers!

    • Jason Kotzin says:

      Thanks so much for all your support guys. And thanks so much digitalboy for all the help in the forums and your patience. You did a great job on the linux sleep write-up.

  3. Pompeyhills says:

    I saw the XBMC article and ordered it right away. Just arrived yesterday and I am amazed. It’s exactly what I had been hoping for. Now my non-technical family members can enjoy XBMC without my having to do it. Could not have been easier. You will be a millionaire on this idea. Congratulations and Thanks!

  4. MDK says:

    I would really like to buy – one thing holding me off:
    need OS X 10.4 PowerPC Support
    Gimme that and it’s sold xD
    Feel free to contact via email regarding that matter.
    Thanks anyways, FLIRC is really cool

  5. Gary says:

    Just got my new FLIRC today and WOW!! it really does work straight out of the box. Downloaded the software, plugged in the FLIRC controller and within a few seconds it was controlling my XBMC from my standard TV remote

    Now my wife can enjoy XBMC without having to figure out which controls to find and how to do it.

    Thanks Jason!!

  6. Cheule says:

    I had briefly heard about Flirc before I read the XBMC article, so that made me take a second look and I’m really glad I did!

    My unit just arrived here in the UK today, and within 10 minutes, I had a fully functional remote control system for my XBMC Eden. For that my good Sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and my Wife’s) for your hard efforts 🙂

    Most important feature of Flirc is the fact it’s wife/grandpa/grandma friendly. Can’t beat it. Thanks Jason!

  7. Daniel says:

    Cant wait for it!

    I am so excited to use xbmc with my Philips TV remote! so i dont need to user the xbmc app anymore! GREAT Work!!

    i also ordered it after reading the xbmc article.. and i also publiced this in some german Forums 😉

  8. Tom says:

    I am using FLIRC for a week and I am endlessly impressed (my girlfriend too). Unpack – plug in – Training – Works. Thank you Jason for that great invention. Just a quick note for parcels sended to Germany: Please place the invoice outside of the box so that it can be send directly to the address and not to the customs office. 😉

    Thanks again Jason and many greetings from Germany.

    • Jason Kotzin says:

      Thanks so much for the extremely kind feedback.

      I don’t know what to do about shipping, I’m trying to figure that out, it’s my biggest hurdle. Some people get them no problem, others it takes 8 weeks or will get turned away at the customs office because I’m missing an extra form on the outside, while others go through the same country just fine.

      I’ll figure it out. Thanks again.

  9. plasstech says:

    I received my flirc a few weeks ago. Ordered 2. Both are being used for PC’s dedicated to XBMC on win 7. Sql database and folder redirects for fanart, with all media (including fanart) located on 2x 4 TB Nas. Setup was pretty simple. The GUI on the software is great. The XBMC button setup could use more buttons, I ended up having to use the full keyboard option for buttons like full screen, CC, Shutdown menu. After about 15 mins getting the buttons the way i like on my harmony 650, I saved the config and was able to load the same setup on my other flirc in a matter of seconds. I have the same remote in my bedroom and living room. 1 setup and 2 rooms in 20 mins. Could be happier. Have worked flawlesly! Used a usb extender to haev the flirc under the tv, Can barely see it, Have not had a single issue with remote detection ever. Yes ever! I could not be more happy with this purchase and in the future, this will be ym go to product for XBMC control!


    • Jason Kotzin says:

      I’m so glad, thanks so much for taking the time to write that. It means more to me that you took aside time to share your experience. Thanks again.

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