Milestone Achieved – API Done

We’ve finally finished our API. A special thanks to Eric who has really helped make hard work materialize into a high standard and an acceptable product.

We haven’t released this publicly for general consumption yet, although the plan is definitely to get this out on the open. I’d certainly like to put the project up on Git, which will be our set of libraries and a small example application written in QT.

Please touch base with me if you would like access to this before the public release (probably very early next year).

I will pick up work on the beta releases of the firmware. I strongly believe that the repeat issue is done, and will be working on the waking up a sleeping PC firmware.

I’m extremely pleased how well everything is maturing, and certainly hope that  it shows in nothing but a beautifully simple and easy to use product.

2 responses to “Milestone Achieved – API Done”

  1. Sounds interesting.
    and I am looking forward for you release a firmware with both key-repeat, and wake-up functions..
    though, a great feature would be a shutdown/sleep (S5) function built-in too..
    if I use XBMC, it is no issue to make a key shortcut to have the HTPC goto sleep within XBMC.
    but if I use windows MCE, there is no way to get the HTPC to go to sleep.
    so a built-in shutdown-sleep feature would be great..
    but I guess that it will be possible with the API..

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