Customers, Need Your Help with Sleep Issue

I’m calling out for your help regarding an issue effecting a small amount of users. I have been unable to make any progress on some of the other firmware features because there is one major bug that I can not re-produce, and can not solve. I’m spending all my time on this one, so I’m asking for your help.

When you wake your computer up from sleep, and your flirc no longer works and requires you to unplug/plug, then please leave in the comments section the following:

1. Operating System [Linux/Windows/Mac]

2. Operating System Version [Lion/Snow Leopard/Hardy Heron/Vista/etc] (32/64 bit as well)

3. Your Motherboard Manufacturer (If you don’t know, leave your PC Model)

Even if I have talked to you previously, please post a note in the comments section. I need help narrowing this down and will most likely purchase an identical unit.

41 responses to “Customers, Need Your Help with Sleep Issue”

  1. Sean Nielsen says:

    This is my setup
    OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

    This is happening to me, not only when starting from sleep, but also a “coldstart”

    What is weird in this case, is that I have built 2 similar HTPC’s. one for me, and one for my boss, although my boss haven’t used the remote that much yet, he haven’t had this issue yet,
    but his FLIRC unit (driver) didn’t sent keyevents to windows, the issue here was his USB dongle from his Logitech Dinovo edge keyboard.

    I myself has a DiNovo mini, and here the FLIRC unit work fine simultaneously while the USB dongle is plugged in, but I have had the “plug out/in) issue lesser times, while the dongle have been plugged out.. (maybe I should try to uninstall the Logitech Keyboard software)
    maybe you should try to investigate which mouse and keyboards people are using, or what else they have in their USB’s?

    Well.. I do get this issue alot, so please let me know if you need more info, or if you want a beta tester πŸ™‚
    I would be glad to help..

  2. Dave says:

    I think I might be seeing this issue, but my HTPC is set to never sleep (since I also use it as a server for various tasks). At least I think so, I’ll look into it more this evening.

    What I’ve noticed is that after long periods of inactivity i can’t bring XBMC back out of it’s screensaver by hitting a button on the remote, as I’ve done previously. If I plug in a mouse and hit a button, the system “wakes” (i.e. the screen is no longer blank, as I say I don’t think it’s actually sleeping, but I’ll check), and then the remote works as expected.

    (I’m on Ubuntu 11.4 on an Acer Revo 1600 which is an Nvidia ION LE board).

  3. Daniel says:

    My computer doesn’t go into sleep, but my computer usually hangs during a boot at the bios. If I unplug my flirc unit the computer continues its booting. I have windows 7 64x bit and the motherboard is an ASUS E35M1-M PRO.

  4. Sean Nielsen says:


    Continued with some testing..
    tried to uninstall the Logitech Setpoint software, but the “sleep issue” continued to ravage πŸ™‚

    but.. my new tests showed some interesting stuff..
    If i shut down my media center. waited a bit and turned it on again..
    everything worked fine..
    I did this a couple of times, and everytime.. and couldn’t reproduce the issue.

    now.. I have my computer connected with HDMI to my Onkyo reciever, and my onkyo to my television..
    if I turned off both computer, onkyo and TV, waited a bit, and turned everything on again.. then I could reproduce the issue..

    hope it helps..

  5. Jason Kotzin says:

    @sean, maybe this is a difference is BIOS settings. Did I catch that you were using a USB hub? Have you tried connecting directly to the computer? I’m starting to suspect this is a specific USB hub issue.

  6. Jason Kotzin says:

    @Dave, so you don’t have to plug/unplug flirc for your remote to start working again? Thanks Dave. ~Jason

  7. Chris says:

    1) Openelec (
    2) RC 5 (latest one)
    3) COMPUTER: XS35Gt v2 (

    Unplugging it and plugging it again always works as does turning the machine off and on again.
    I don’t get the issue waking from sleep but when turning the machine on (takes 15 seconds to boot).
    It doesn’t happen everytime I boot (even though the conditions are the same for the computer)
    It is the only small issue I have with FLIRC – as the girls in my flat get confused when tech doesn’t work!

    Cheers for you hard work Jason

  8. Sean Nielsen says:

    The other machine is doing it too, so it is probably not a bios setting (I looked through the bios, and I could’nt find anything related to this)

    sorry.. I am not using a HUB. neither is my boss.
    right now, I am out of ideas to be honest..

    will play some more with it..

  9. HPP8140 says:


    I also had the problem on my Asus G50VT-X1 laptop running vista 64 sp2 until I reset the power management options back to default. Now flirc works after sleep. I remember messing around changing many power options so the the laptop uses lowest electricity…might have something to do with sleeping usb devices. Works for me now. I also have a Msi wind netbook on Windows xp that has the issue intermittently. I will also reset the windows power settings and do some testing tonight.

  10. Giel says:

    For me the issue also occurs on my Acer Aspire Revo R3600. The model is somewhat confusing, as I think this specific machine was sold as the R1600 in the US. It’s a single core Atom 230 on a motherboard (I think custom) with an Ion chipset. If you need more info I can provide all (i.e. lspci output, lsusb output etc) and I’m also willing to help debugging (don’t mind trying experimental firmware for flirc).

  11. Giel says:

    Reading through previous comments I can add: there’s a Logitech keyboard connected as well, no other USB devices. I’m running Linux (latest XBMC live installed to HDD). It’s connected with HDMI straight to a TV. I need to unplug and replug before Flirc starts working again.

  12. Mirek says:

    I use flirc mainly with HP Mini 5102 (Windows 7 Profefessional x64) and have this problem…
    One think I noticed that eventually might help; all other devices that can wake mini from sleep (like mouse USB dongle) are showing in its device properties Power Management tab and then there is ‘Allow this device to wake the computer’ option enabled under it (so I can wake mini from sleep just moving the mouse). Either I was not able to properly identify flirc among connected devices (I think it does not identify itself by name but just USB Generic Device or so) or above is not the case for flirc. There is no Power Management tab in device properties, so it seems that Windows is just not aware about this functionality from flirc.

  13. Jason Kotzin says:

    @Mirek – thanks for that, I’ll have to look into what this actually entails.

    @Giel – is flirc hooked into the logitech keyboard, or directly to the machine?

    @ HPP8140 – I believe this is correct, I’m nearly certain this issue happens in the different suspend level states.

    Thanks so much everyone for the feedback. One question to those who haven’t already said, are you guys hooked up directly to the computer, or are you hooked up to a USB Hub? Thanks again. I was able to reproduce this, but since there are so many factors at play, all this feedback is really important.

    Thanks again.

  14. Giel says:

    Jason, directly to the machine. What’s also interesting (although maybe unrelated), is when I enable wake-from-USB, the machine wakes up again immediately after going sleep when Flirc is plugged in. Flirc doesn’t work after that however. When Flirc isn’t plugged in, sleep and wake-up from USB works as expected (can wake the machine by pressing any key on the keyboard).

  15. Chris says:

    I’m not using a USB hub either.

  16. Mirek says:

    Hmm… neither way; I’m hooked via USB extension cable to keep PC hidden and flirc in sight of view for remote. As cable is passive I’d consider this stright to machine, but not 100% sure :-/

  17. Daniel says:

    Like Mirek, I’m plugged in using a passive extension cable but not a hub.

  18. Bill says:

    ALWAYS losing connection after hibernate/sleep

    1. Operating System [Windows 7]

    2. Operating System Version [Windows 7 64 Bit – Service Pack 1 ] (32/64 bit as well)

    3. Your Motherboard Manufacturer (Asus P8H61-I) w/ Intel I3 G620 & ASUS Radeon HD 5450

  19. Simon Rumble says:

    Happens every time I reboot. At least it’s not lost all configuration for a while.

    1. Linux
    2. Output of uname -a: Linux mythtv 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    3. Dunno mobo model, it’s an HP ProLiant N36L MicroServer with AMD RS785E/SB820M chipset.

  20. Jason Kotzin says:

    If possible, could the guys on linux send me a dmesg output when the device stops working after you wakeup?

    I believe I have reproduced this at a friends house, but it’s with a USB keyboard. I’ll bring his keyboard home and see if this happens in linux (It wasn’t reproducible on my macbook).

    Thanks so much everyone, I’m extremely grateful and will follow up with a firmware image if I make good progress tomorrow.


  21. Emil says:

    Direct connect to front USB port. No response after wake up from Sleep mode always. Must unplug and re-plug to make it work.

    1. Operating System [Windows 7]
    2. Operating System Version [Windows 7 64 Bit – Service Pack 1 ]
    3. Your Motherboard Manufacturer [Lenovo 3000J]

    PS. Boxee Remote works every time.

  22. Jason Kotzin says:

    I started emailing folks, but figured this might be easier.

    I believe I found the problem, here is a non-public image. Please feel free to try this and post how it goes in this comment section:

    F.Y.I, The folks I emailed earlier today with an image, I’ve since updated the firmware to be even more certain the issue get’s resolved, so please download the one in the link above.

    Thanks so much everyone, I’m so grateful.



  23. Sean Nielsen says:

    My first tests, shows great results…

    one thing a bit off topic though.. I have yet to figure out how to get the Flirc to wake the computer from sleep.?
    is this at all possible..?

  24. Sean Nielsen says:

    oh.. and BTW..
    so far a big thanks to your great and fast effort to get everything working.

  25. Mirek says:

    It got worse… after plugging in flirc it gets recognized by system, but then after few seconds gets disconnected. I tried few times watching at the same time what is visible in the device manager. After plugging in it shows for a moment under Keyboards as HID Keyboard Device and under libsub (WinUSB) devices as flirc and then both devices disappear πŸ™ I tested this on 2 computers (HP mini 5102 and one based on ASUS Maximus Formula mainboard. Both running Win 7 x64 and the same result… Flirc application shows status disconnected. Makes me a bit worrying, as if it is permanent state it will not be possible to make future firmware updates πŸ™

    • Jason Kotzin says:


      This may be unrelated and a failed upgrade, which is extremely unusual. I will most likely add some crc or integrity checking if that’s the case.

      The change I made wouldn’t cause this. Follow up with me via email and I’ll help you trouble shoot this or get you a new one.

  26. Giel says:

    Initial testing shows that it not only works after sleep, it also solves two other issues: the box would often wake up soon after going to sleep with flirc plugged in, and if it would stay to sleep, it wouldn’t wake up with remote. If I would wake it up by other means, flirc wouldn’t work. That now all seems solved: box goes to sleep, stays to sleep, wakes up with a remote press and everything works. Nice!

    In other news, I’m amazed by the sensitivity of flirc.

  27. Jason Kotzin says:

    @Giel, that’s awesome, so glad it’s working, and really relieved. I’m quite proud of the sensitivity, I don’t use a standard way to capture IR. Thanks for all the positive feedback.

  28. Panagiotis says:

    Hi Jason, thanks for your efforts and the newest firmware. Also many thanks for the replacement device you sent me a while ago.
    Unfortuantely the 1.0fw does not work for me. In fact it created more problems. Whenever I press a button on the remote, I get “USB disconnect” errors in syslog and then I have to take it out and plug it again. I’ve tried all possible usb ports (hub, no-hub).
    I’ve tried reinstalling the firmware, nothing helps.

    Linux 2.6.35-30-generic #56-Ubuntu SMP i686 GNU/Linux
    Motherboard: Asus AT3IONT-I Deluxe
    It has Nvidia chipset.

    Examples from syslog:
    Oct 6 00:43:10 pilot kernel: [182205.137043] usb 4-2: new low speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 47
    Oct 6 00:43:10 pilot kernel: [182205.370650] input: flirc as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:06.0/usb4/4-2/4-2:1.0/input/input24
    Oct 6 00:43:10 pilot kernel: [182205.371010] generic-usb 0003:20A0:0001.0013: input,hidraw4: USB HID v1.01 Keyboard [ flirc] on usb-0000:00:06.0-2/input0
    Oct 6 00:43:15 pilot kernel: [182210.170495] usb 4-2: USB disconnect, address 47

  29. Sean Nielsen says:

    If it is on windows, then the System Log will show what woke up the computer,
    mostly it is the network-card..
    and I am sure that Linux’s syslog will show it too..

  30. Ruurd Moelker says:

    Having problem with using flirc after clean shutdown. Need to unplug, replug the device.

    1. Linux
    2. XBMC live around version 9
    3. Asrock ion 330 pro, believe the mobo is named: A330ION

  31. Mirek says:

    Finally after successful recovery from failed firmware update I was able to make some tests and:
    – no problems with flirc after powering on computer with flirc connected πŸ™‚
    – no problems with flirc after waking from sleep πŸ™‚
    – I can’t wake up PC from sleep using flirc πŸ™
    For last item; is there any specific setup required to make so? I mean special key assignment or it should wake up just after pressing any key on remote?

  32. Sylvain says:

    i got a
    Shuttle sh67h3 mobo h67 from shuttle
    windows 7 pro 64
    no usb hub ,tried direct and with a extension cable
    I upgrade the firmware to 1.0
    and no more issue
    dont know if its the firmware but did some little tweak in power management

  33. Jason Kotzin says:

    @Ruurd, followed up with you via email

  34. Jason Kotzin says:

    @Sylvain – I’ll take credit, I’m extremely confident in this version and proud to call it 1.0 stable. I clearly found an issue, so I’m certain it was the problem you are seeing.

  35. Sylvain says:

    THanks Jason
    after one no more issue excellent
    flirc is awesome and so easy to program
    next i gess you gonna work on long press and wake up
    and after that, it gona be a perfect product

  36. Ryan R says:

    1. Windows
    2. Windows 7 64-bit running XBMC nightly.
    3. Zotac ZBOX-AD02-U

    Same issue – resuming from sleep my htpc beeps (~7-12 times) during resuming windows. If I disconnect/reconnect Flirc during this time remote will work.

    I have not tried the non public image as yet will test this weekend

  37. Ryan R says:

    Update: non public image fixed the issues I was having. Thanks!

  38. Mike says:

    1. Operating System [Linux/Windows/Mac]
    -> Windows
    2. Operating System Version [Lion/Snow Leopard/Hardy Heron/Vista/etc] (32/64 bit as well)
    Windows 7 – 32bit
    3. Your Motherboard Manufacturer (If you don’t know, leave your PC Model)
    Asus P5b-Wifi Deluxe

    My problem actually is: When PC Goes to sleep, and i Resume, its not working anymore.
    One time i solved it by completely uninstalling the software and reinstalling again.

    The main problem:
    When i start flirc (after its not working) it shows something like: bootloader detected, starts some progress, and seems to be up an running again. but still nothing working at that point in time.
    then i restore my config file, still nothing works. i have to restart, then everything works again.
    really strange.

    basically this is how it works all the time, because i’m always using sleep, and the problem is always happening. brrrrr.
    strange thing.. worked for a few weeks, suddenly was broken, fixed it by reinstalling, worked a few weeks, now broken again.
    (dont do anything on the pc, except watching series and/or tv, listening to music, so no installations etc)

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