Orders have shipped

All pre-orders have shipped. Patiently awaiting feedback.

8 responses to “Orders have shipped”

  1. Janzen says:

    I LOVE this product! This is the single best thing to happen to my home theater setup since XBMC. I was worried about the setup, but the command line client was simple, intuitive, and effective. Fifteen minutes after I opened the box, I had a perfectly functioning remote control interface going. Every XBMC user needs this.

  2. Jason Kotzin says:

    @Janzen, thank you for the comment and kind words, it’s this that makes it all worth it.

  3. Harry says:


    got my shipment from the last batch.

    So far everything works perfect with xbmc.

    One thing I was wondering:

    Would it be possible to include the mediakeys/volumekeys of some keyboards?
    my logitech keyboard has volume and mute keys, which work systemwide and have a nice OSD when used.

  4. Jason Kotzin says:


    That’s planned in a future firmware update, I have a couple other items on the firmware side that have pretty high priority.

    Thanks Harry, glad everything is working.

  5. Boris says:

    Received my flirc. But it is not working properly. tried to configure it on Mac OS X Lion and Debian 6 AMD64.

    With debian cli flirc tool. it says connected. but when i want to program. i get an error and the device disconnects.

    The debian gui tool says disconnected all the time. And the Mac OS X tool disconnects when trying to program.

  6. Colin says:

    I got mine in the mail today, but I’m having trouble setting it up on Ubuntu 10.10. After mapping a handful or keys (I’ve tried easy and XBMC maps) the gui says “transfer error.” After that it asks me connect flirc and all i can do is restart the program. Any thoughts?

  7. Dave says:

    Hi, my flirc arrived here in Scotland last weekend and I thought I’d report on how well it’s working.

    I’m very happy with they way it let me try every spare remote I had lying around, switching between them quickly and easily, before settling on re-using my DVD player’s controller to minimize clutter in my living room.

    The ease with which I can reprogram the more obscure buttons on the remote to do whatever I want with xbmc+flirc is great.

    One minor stumbling block was that my laptop that I used to setup flirc is set to use the Dvorak keyboard, and my xbmc system doesn’t. This may seem obvious now, but at the time I was a bit confused as to why the same remote button was triggering different alphabetic keys on the two machines.

    I think I also noticed a bug, though I can’t currently recreate it. When I was setting up the arrow keys, sometimes one direction would be set instead to active the context menu in XBMC (which is either the C key or the Windows Menu key). If I tried to reprogramme that single key to the correct arrow key, a different arrow key would then lose it’s association and take on the context functionality. One one occasion this happen three times. It fixed itself each time by clearing the settings and starting from scratch.

    Finally, a feature request. It would be good if flirc could work with multiple remotes at once e.g. a simplified remote for children or having basic features available via spare buttons on the main TV or PVR remotes as well as on the dedicated XBMC remote that gives access to the full functionality.

    Thanks for flirc, it’s not often you find something that’s better, simpler *and* cheaper than the alternatives.

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