On Sale February 1st

It’s been a wonderful and amazing journey getting to today. I have grown my knowledge, experience, and depth more than I can possibly describe. The biggest hurdle was not technical, it was not money, it was not time, it was persistence. Never giving up. I would often wondered if this would make any money, if people would like it, and if it’s even worth doing. It was, even if I don’t sell any, it was. Turning an idea into reality is not hard, but the magnitude and difference in turning that idea into a product is indescribable.

I have just placed my first order for production which will be for sale to anyone in the US on February 1st (at the latest).

The internal battle of how to release the application to the world is on-going. As I have strongly benefited from a number of open source projects, I am leaning towards releasing all source code to every application I release that utilizes flirc. The only thing that will remain closed, is the firmware.

A special thanks to my wonderful and beautiful wife, who’s constant support and love has made everything I do possible.

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