Apple Script to Dropbox

I try to get the most out of my media server which doubles as my webserver. I use it to stream videos, for web mount hard drives, and since it’s always on, for downloading torrents.

Here is a handy Apple Script I created which automatically moves your downloaded torrents to your dropbox folder. Set up your torrent application (I use transmission) to automatically watch the dropbox folder for new torrents.

The end result, I download a torrent on any of my macs, they automatically start downloading on my server.

Here is the apple script code:

Drop this in /Library/Scripts/Folder Actions/

Then on both your Desktop and Downloads folder, right click and select Folder Action Setup…

Then select the apple script you saved this as in /Library/Scripts/Folder Actions/


I’ve actually had quite a bit of time getting this working on my latest laptop refresh. I believe the problem was due to permissions, however, I’m including a copy of the script that seems to be working. Please report problems and remember to replace the locations to the ones that pertain to you.


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