Our Site Is Live!

It’s been an amazing roller coaster of fun. From learning various programming techniques, sitting in on libusb development discussions, designing cases, designing software, designing websites, designing circuit boards, designing firmware, and marketing research, I have gained some invaluable experience and friends along this awesome journey.

I’m finally there. Cases are being finalized, and software is being fine tuned. So since this once hobby has finally blossomed into a product, I’m happy to be showing off what exists, and not some paper sketch of an idea.

Check out the site, almost everything is live other than being able to purchase the product or download software.

Since there is no way I can possibly test the small differences in the many operating systems this runs on, or the millions of remotes that exist, I’m initially limiting sales of flirc to only 100 customers who can give some valuable feedback to help smooth out any remaining rough edges.

You will get a 20% discount, so sign up to our newsletter to partake.

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