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Customers, Need Your Help with Sleep Issue

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

I’m calling out for your help regarding an issue effecting a small amount of users. I have been unable to make any progress on some of the other firmware features because there is one major bug that I can not re-produce, and can not solve. I’m spending all my time on this one, so I’m asking for your help.

When you wake your computer up from sleep, and your flirc no longer works and requires you to unplug/plug, then please leave in the comments section the following:

1. Operating System [Linux/Windows/Mac]

2. Operating System Version [Lion/Snow Leopard/Hardy Heron/Vista/etc] (32/64 bit as well)

3. Your Motherboard Manufacturer (If you don’t know, leave your PC Model)

Even if I have talked to you previously, please post a note in the comments section. I need help narrowing this down and will most likely purchase an identical unit.

Running Dry – Low Inventory

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

The beta period has gone extremely well and I’ve received some great feedback. Still a bunch to do on the software and firmware side of things, but all in all, it went well enough to do the second build.

Unfortunately, I’m almost out of inventory. At this rate, I might have a week left. I’ve put in an order, but it will take about a month to receive fresh inventory, leaving me about 3 weeks with nothing. What this will mean, I don’t know, but it will give me some good time to improve the software and firmware without spending most of the day fulfilling orders and doing support. I’ll try to keep this as a positive…

Lifehacker Echo

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Great article on lifehacker on how to pump up your media center:!5768317/this-is-all-about-xbmc

Getting Close

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I know that any visitor who find this site at this point in time, doesn’t know what flirc is yet. So although a mystery, the only reason I’m keeping anything a secret is for one simple reason. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

I’m an Apple fan. From the way they plan their products, their attention to detail, and finally, how they inform the public of their new products. I highly admire that approach because there are (well, shouldn’t be) any expectations at the time of the product’s release. However recently, rumors leak before the announcement and fake features overwhelm the public with excitement. All these rumors and possible features build up hope and expectations in the public.

Take for example the popular CES show in Vegas at the beginning of every year. Companies from all over the world come to show their latest creation. Quite frankly, I never hear of half the show’s popular products again. They failed to make it to the market for any number of reasons. Or, worse, they make it to the market, and the features promised or demonstrated on the prototype, are missing from the final product. I hate that, and I know everyone else does.

Designing a product is extremely hard, and Steve Jobs learned early on that dreaming of a product is completely different from creating a product. Many times, a number of engineering challenges are faced in which you realize that the dream will change or modify dynamically over the course of the design. So why tell everyone about a dream. Dream’s are meaningless ideas. The final finished product holds the value.

I’m nearing the final stages of design, and products will be available to purchase at the very second the site goes live. I don’t believe that my product is going to change the way we live. However, it’s solving my number one frustration with an existing problem, and I’m sincerely hoping to have the same impact on others. So rather than having a page demonstrating the products capabilities, I’m designing the product in hopes to meet my own expectations, before having to reach everyone else’s expectations.