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One More Thing…. We’ve got an XBMC Plugin!

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

This was the next step into the evolution of flirc and what I had envisioned on day one. Programming flirc just got easier because the same intuitive interface is now done in a beautiful xbmc addon. The shortcuts are right there for you to pair against and customize with your remote, and you don’t need a second machine if your running openelec (example).

Head on over to our github page for the download

This is a beta release and supports all versions of firmware, please leave your feedback here.

Thank you so much Sean Poyser for writing this. He did an amazing job.

**EDIT** You can install the repo from the following URL within XBMC:

XBMC Screeny 1

XBMC Screeny 2

Plethora of Updates

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

I keep saying updates soon, updates soon, and it’s become a broken record. But I have been working extremely hard every day, even though it was not publicly visible.

I have stable releases of the latest firmware, gui, and commandline. The remaining issues will be quickly addressed, and as soon as I have enough feedback, I will release this to the public. It’s nearly ready.

For those interested, please go to the forum, you must be registered


GUI v1.0.0-rc.1

  • better version number printing
  • latest firmware gets bundled into application
  • adding wake button to keyboard layout
  • includes latest flirc library with fixes and stability improvments

GUI v1.0.0-rc.2

  • wake key now shows up on windows and linux

Firmware v1.1.0-rc.1

  • added support for noise canceling **off by default**
  • removed sensitivity, set to nominal value and can not be changed


  • added support for enabling|disabling noise canceler
  • removed ability to change sensitivity
  • includes latest flirc library with fixes and stability improvments
  • better printing of firmware versioning

New Canadian Distributor – Pi Supply

Monday, June 17th, 2013

I’m ecstatic to announce a new distributor to help handle online Canadian sales.

Shipping to Canada can often take a long time and flirc will sit at the customs office longer than the time the product is in transit.

So we have the perfect partner, a distributor of raspberry pi and raspberry pi accessories located in Canada. This was a no-brainer and we look forward to working with the Pi Supply and having them carry our upcoming products.

Direct Store Link

Purchase Link

As of now, I will no longer be shipping to Canada directly. New announcements soon. (no, not another baby)

New Flirc Team Member – Audrey

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Flirc has has a new member of the team. A little member, but promising in what’s an amazing ability to make her Dad work non-stop.

Audrey was born on March 4th and was so eager to start working, her delivery was only 45 minutes.

Audrey is 3 months old, and her duties will be…well, just duty for now.