Beta Firmware to support RC6 (WMCE and XBMC Remotes)

There is a new firmware version that I will be testing. This adds better support for the RC6 protocol aka WMCE and XBMC remotes. This will most likely make it on all new devices, which means that people who receive new hardware wont really need to read further.

However, because I’m changing some code quite a bit, this will mean that any existing customer may have to re-configure their remote. There wont be an easy way to transition a saved configuration to work with the new firmware. However, unlike Apple, I let you downgrade the firmware in case you accidentally upgrade, and don’t want to upgrade if you are happy.

In this same version of the firmware, I will address a bug which effects some users where flirc is broken after a wake from suspend.

I will also add a ‘wake from suspend’ button, as a temporary medium until I figure out how to do this automatically.

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  1. Matt Says:

    what RC6 remote will be supported by this new firmware as i am looking at buying a remote to use

    i also think the wake from suspend button is a great idea i assume this would work basically like a power on button as i currently have to manually go over to the htpc and push the power button to wake the htpc as i put it to sleep when not using it

    when you say thought the button is temporary medium until you figure out how to do this automatically how do you plan to have it work automatically in the future does this mean you could press any button on the remote to wake from sleep or suspend?

  2. Jason Kotzin Says:

    Every remote that supports RC6 should work.

    Yes, I will temporarily make a button that you will link with a ‘wake from suspend’ command, which will send the appropriate command to the computer when you press the remote button.

    Exactly right, ideally, pressing any button should wake the computer up. I’ll get there as I know what to do, but want to make small incremental updates.

  3. Rob Loach Says:

    Will the source be released? I’d absolutely love to help out with testing and stuff.

  4. Jason Kotzin Says:

    The source for the firmware? Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll release the source for the firmware. That’s the heart and sole of the product and intellectual property. Giving this out would mean that it would be up for grabs by a company like Logitech, who I would never be able to fight in court.

    However, that being said, we will be making parts of this open source. Whether or not it means releasing the source code for the GUI, I’m still discussing it with my colleagues. But at the very least, there will be a formal API, which is what the GUI already uses.

  5. Rob Loach Says:

    Ah, that’s completely understandable 🙂 . Would you then be able to release any beta versions? I’d love to help with beta testing. Primarily on Linux (Ubuntu), but have a Windows box laying around I could test on too.

    Thanks a lot! Keep it up, definitely am excited about how Flirc is growing.

  6. Innocence Says:

    Since your Support Forum ( is blocked by password I’ll ask here:
    Are there any plans in the near future to sell flirc from an address within the EU (European Union)? Any imports above ~$15 are subject to a customs fee of ~$50, which would mean the cost of one flirc would be (flirc $20)+(PP $14)+(customs $50)=$84

  7. Jason Kotzin Says:

    Absolutely, trying to hammer out all these issues, and then I plan on opening up doors to distributors.

  8. John aka Zedd on xbmc boards Says:

    Is there a changelog for release versions? I wasn’t sure if .94 came with the wake from suspend of that version is still in beta. Any chance I can play around with the wake from suspend beta if it’s not in 94? Love the product thanks!

  9. Jason Kotzin Says:

    Hey John, thanks glad you like it. Just haven’t gotten to that yet, even though it’s going to be pretty easy to add. I’m trying to work through so many windows issues. Probably within a couple weeks if everything goes well.

  10. Jason Kotzin Says:

    Here is one for the firmware:

    I will add a blog page for the GUI soon too, but here is where the mac appcast pulls it’s version history from:

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