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Who is "US"?

I started this company with my beautiful wife, Maggie Kotzin. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley and are enjoying the beautiful weather in Northern California.

How Flirc Started

For a long period of time, my wife and I were using a wireless keyboard for our media center remote. That quickly grew old and we didn't want 'another' remote. We wanted to use our same television remote and I was baffled to find how complicated this was. Flirc was born to solve this problem and offer an extremely elegant and user friendly way to use any remote control with your computer, media center, or set top box.

Our Mission

After flirc was born, we acknowledged a widespread problem in the media center market. We have, and are working on a number of products that offer many elegant solutions for the living room. We're on to something, and we're excited about it.


Cancer Research

Give to USC Cancer Research

After 5 years of college, with no breaks and sometimes carrying 3 jobs in one quarter, I was in dire need of a vacation after graduating. I delayed my job at Cisco for three months and was going to use that time to travel to Europe with my girlfriend (now wife). But before my trip, I went to the doctor in suspicion of stomach pains and was told to cancel my summer plans, I had cancer.

Maggie stuck by my side without even a wince of hesitation. She cut off all her hair and donated it to Locks of Love.

I went through surgery and found that my cancer was in progression from stage 2 to stage 3, I had to do chemo.

It was a 6 month battle, and it was the hardest battle which can't possibly be put into words. But I made it through if not for my family, or Maggie, but the inspiration of my amazing oncologist Dr. Heinz Lenz at the USC Cancer Research Center. His uplifting character, insight into the genetic disposition that my family caries, and outstanding breakthroughs in cancer research is truly an inspiration.

I finished chemo and asked Dr. Lenz if I can cancel my plans to start at Cisco and work for him full time.

He said, "I need you in the industry". So rather than quitting my current full time job, I'm using flirc as my first way to make significant contributions to cancer research.

A portion of every sale will be donated directly to Dr. Lenz's USC Cancer Research Facility. If you would like to make a contribution independently of flirc, please do so by visiting the k, and under special instructions put: Dr. Heinz Lenz.

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