Passed Both FCC/CE Certifications

Thought I would share the exciting news that I’ve passed American, European, Australia, and New Zealand certification testing. I’m legally allowed to sell in those areas, and open communication to distributors.

Everything went great, and I passed without a hitch. Here is a neat picture of the first stage of the testing, it’s called an Anechoic Chamber.

They have a very large expensive antenna pointed at flirc. The antenna rotates and also moves up and down. The table the laptop is sitting on, also rotates. They measure with the antenna any emitting frequency spikes on a spectrum analyzer, and compare that against a maximum allowance. I’ll post a picture of what that chart looks like. The emissions from the setup has to be less than a certain amount across all frequencies.

Another test was called immunity, which meant that I had to withstand a shock of up to 6kV. Luckily, the device is well insulated, and there were no sparks, so I passed.

4 responses to “Passed Both FCC/CE Certifications”

  1. Chris! says:

    Awesome! The next step for Flirc world-wide domination.

    Well done on all the effort put in Jason.

  2. Plasstech says:

    That’s really cool, interested in seeing the results you get back. It’s also cool swing a device mature and become mainstream like this.


  3. Daniel says:

    Congrats! Definitely a leap in a good directions!

  4. Brad says:

    YOU had to withstand a shock of 6 kV?! You must really have wanted that certification!

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