FW Version History

Version 1.2 – Future Release

  • Add support for NEC style repeat, where flirc does not repeat the key while holding down the remote button.

Version 1.1 – Future Release

  • Add special key which sends wake up command to computer, for users that can’t wake up the computer with general key press.
Version 1.0 – Sleep Issue / Cold Start Issue put to rest
  • Fixed issue where flirc was no longer present after computer wakes from sleep or after computer cold start.
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Version 0.9 – Fixed missing key bug [Sept. 20th 2011]

  • Bug fix introduced in v0.8 which would cause random button to be deleted from memory after hotplug.

Version 0.8 – Releases in GUI 0.96 [August 15th 2011]

  • New: on the fly tune-ability, helps with debugging and outlier remotes
  • New: adjustable inter-key delay time to help fix when rapidly pressing causes stuck key
  • Fix: general enhancements
  • Fix: one possible reason where flirc is not detected after sleep

Version 0.7 – Aug 8th, 2011

  • New: added compatibility for RC6 remotes