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  1. John Nestor Says:

    Please excuse if I’m wasting valuable time here, I may be clutching at a few straws. I am attempting to achieve what appears to have become obsolete, the ability to assign an IR code (or 2.4GHz USB, or whatever) to a remote’s arbitrary key, and have that input assign a PC keyboard key, or a mouse movement, or most importantly the launch of a Windows 10 app. A wonderful piece of gear made by Keyspan (now Tripp Lite) would do just that with a USB IR receiver. Sadly, it simply can not be run via W10’s x86 (?). I am adept with VB6 and VB.NET, C++ not so much, so much of your blog flies over my 68 year old head. Once again, if I’m in the wrong place, please forgive the intrusion. But if the flirc USB could accommodate the launching of a W10 application with code that exists out there somewhere, it would solve a problem that I’ve been chasing since my old XP died. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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